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Talk about a simple concept outgrowing its initial ideas to become the prospective innovation that it is today. People who have been following developments in technology and business finance would know terms like “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” are often thrown around and are the next big thing in tech. So, do you have a brand-new solution utilizing innovative blockchain technology? More power to you! You might find some handy tips in this article for your blockchain startup. But first, let’s understand what blockchain is for the ones that are new to this.

A layman’s definition of blockchain is an emerging technology that can enable a secured and seamless service of a transaction between companies and individuals on a network without requiring an intermediary. Since blockchain is still in the infancy stages, there is little substantial historical data to prove its exact value. However, with whatever we have witnessed, blockchain technology is going to rule businesses by as far as 2023.

According to Statista, the worldwide spending on the blockchain has reached a whopping figure of $2.7 billion in 2019, and it is highly anticipated to cross the $10 billion mark by 2022. Given those figures, there is no denying that blockchain has a high potential for success and will continue to expand over the years. The advent of DeFi and Uniswap are bright examples of how they exponentially increased the number of blockchain startups — eliminating the use of financial intermediaries and utilizing blockchain.

However, the real challenge for these startups is developing effective marketing strategies because blockchain startups have a diversified target market. Therefore, by the end of this article, we hope you can overcome that challenge by implementing some, if not all, of the tips given by us.

7 Essential Marketing Tips for Blockchain Startups

1. Defining Value of your Brand

Consider putting blockchain technology utilization as the backlink to your brand. For starters, you need to promote your brand and clearly define its value proposition to become visible to your relevant audience.

As a marketing strategy, it is important to define your brand, mission, long-term goals, and why it offers a better solution to the one currently being used. While this should be your primary tip, promoting your blockchain technology should come as the second.

The best way to do this is by creating a slick website. By a quick overview of well-established blockchain startups, you will find most companies having a professionally designed, rich website to promote their brands. Find an expert to build you a website and plan its content wisely. Consider putting only value-adding stuff, writing a clearly-defined “About Us” page, direct mission statements, your vision, and informative videos to showcase your product.

Remember, prospective clients and investors will not approach you solely based on your blockchain application. They need to know what you’re offering and why it is a better solution, and then link that funnel to the blockchain incentive.

2. Formulate the Right Content

Next in-line to getting copy done for your startup website is creating educational and technical articles made available for Crypto enthusiasts, newbies, business leaders, and others, to name a few. Moreover, you can create Twitter posts with infographics for better reach, and can also connect to journalists to get some Press Releases written for your company — the quickest way to broadcast your solution. You may even rope in a journalist from ShapeShift’s list of journalists on Twitter.

Content strategy also calls for sending nice, to-the-point proposals to publishing giants in the hope of getting one of them to write about your business. A third-person narrative of your startup is doubly influential compared to you writing it.

At number two in the marketing strategy, creating an excellent content strategy is vital. Crafting well-curated content for your startup, keeping in mind the different pockets of crypto enthusiasts, is an effective lead. Once done, now you have to find the correct audience for the distribution.

3. Finding the Publishing Platforms

Besides well-crafted content, broadcasting is equally essential in reaping desired results from the strategy. For every piece of content created to market your brand, finding the right platform is necessary.

For informative pieces that emphasize a problem-solving aspect more than the blockchain technology, consider generalized media like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Medium, and LinkedIn. Sales copy back-linking to your startup is the best forum as it is, whereas technical pieces of content can go live on tech-driven sites.

Some examples that you can pick up from here include Hacker Noon and Tech Crunch. Steemit and Publish Ox, which are the first-generation blockchain publishing platforms that not only contain helpful content for crypto enthusiasts but also take pride in utilizing digital payments.

You can also publish a detailed, authoritative, and fully-researched report — also called a white paper — in which you can comprehensively explain how you plan to solve a prevailing problem via your startup. Between the lines, you can focus on how blockchain technology aids your process along the way. This can be published as a blog to your website, LinkedIn, or Online White Papers to provide prospective clients with an elaborate end to your business core.

4. Intriguing Adverts

Perhaps the only good and bad thing about blockchain is its infancy — where it dampens the investing effect; it has an active online presence with people hungry for information. Advertising your blockchain startup on platforms like Brave, fishing out interesting pieces of content on an online forum like Reddit, where thousands of loyal followers love to indulge in educational discussions.

You can also find an audience for your brainchild on Telegram, which is another cross-platform application exclusively for crypto enthusiasts and blockchain fans. As the second part of your advertising strategy, make sure you keep a large amount of your content gated to intrigue the interested consumers into knowing more about your startup.

Keeping your data private and advertising only a chunk of it is a fundamental approach to your business’s success. It is worthwhile to know that amongst other things, crypto fans value privacy above anything else, and you can lose your audience if you don’t follow the ethics.

5. Build up a Following

This point might come off as trivia, but an already established following is extremely productive for a blockchain startup. Where other types of businesses can wait until their product launch to openly establish their brainchild, you can start connecting to people right after you have a business strategy planned.

Monitor your competition, join the lingo, connect with business leaders who can potentially adopt your product, and work on building a following right from the beginning. Welcome anyone and everyone with open arms by replying to emails, messages on Telegram, and comments on your website.

Forget gaining a following on Facebook, and look more on other professional social media communities like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Inspired by the primary choice for crypto enthusiasts — Telegram, another social media app called Discord is where you can find an active crypto community available to converse on the subject now. The downloadable software is an audio and messaging application that has been around for three years only and has hit the 130 million milestone mark of registered users.

6. Get your Product Listed

Early listing of the product on free community-based websites, like Product Hunt, is a great way to test waters and get feedback from people. In this way, you can reach out to prospects and develop awareness around your product early-on.

Another important listing, or let’s say, integration of your blockchain startup can be on social media platforms where the younger generation is most alive. These include launching marketing campaigns on TikTok and Instagram to connect with the audience outside the crypto bubble. You can also become an influencer or partner up with influencers to maximize your social media reach on an influential platform like Twitter.

Getting your product listed itself or via other influencers, and launching marketing campaigns, including Bounty campaigns online, can work wonders for your marketing strategy.

In all this, the role of social influencers is not given the attention it significantly deserves. So, as the conclusive tip in this article, let us cover how partnering with others can help you strategize better.

7. Partner up with Influencers

Social influencers are there for a reason — not one, but many. For a startup to acquire the audience, it needs to kickstart; getting access to social influencers can help you reach the target market. Scrutinize the influencers and their campaigns to partner up with the ones whose market matches yours. You can find the top 30 influencers by engagement rate here ,such as TechMoonWalker, and more using various platforms.

Partner up with artists to picture your tech-startup and employ photojournalism as another effective tactic. Joining hands with another blockchain company can get you to climb up the ladder quicker; as Anchor CEO’s wise words state, “in the decentralized space, even your competitors are your greatest collaborators.”


Besides winning the hearts of the crypto world, your blockchain startup’s marketing strategy should be diversified enough to reach out to the general public besides the crypto bubble. As many people are still not aware of blockchain technology, using the correct marketing strategy to move along your startup is essential to its success. Remember, it will change the way businesses operate, and therefore, it is an investment in the long-run. All you need right now is the right support to endorse your startup. We at Advertik Media are happy to offer you advice on this, feel free to contact us at any time.

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