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Advertik Media can deliver authentic engagement and exposure for your brand.  With a strong knowledge in digital marketing and a variety of industries, Advertik Media wants to bring modern marketing to a variety of fields as no other agency offers. Due to the variety of backgrounds, Advertik Media harnesses its skills as a strategic digital marketing expert to deliver the true potential of a brand. We grow brands through storytelling, digital strategy, sonic branding, design, and web development. From an integrated marketing communications plan to hands-on execution, we build personal customer experiences with your brand values in mind.

Get in front of the right customers, at the right time, with the right message. Our team of specialists are dedicated to helping you generate leads, increase customer retention and building long term growth. We will put digital technology, data, and storytelling at the heart of your brand.

Kaspar Noé van Dijk | Advertik Media
Digital Marketing / Founder

Kaspar Noé van Dijk

Kaspar Noé van Dijk has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of fast-paced and challenging industries, such as luxury, blockchain, and biotech services. A positive and driven team player with a strong background in digital marketing, specializing in content marketing, paid social and search engine marketing.

Kaspar had done extensive research on whether blockchain technology can empower consumer trust in the e-commerce industry.

Digital Marketing / Media Buying Expert

Philip Wilson

Philip Wilson is an experienced media buyer, delivering paid traffic through utilising social media channels. From sales funnel optimisation to full-blown product launches, this media buyer expert is your go-to social media advertiser and sales funnel developer.

Philip Wilson | Advertik Media
Sales Manager / Affiliate Partnerships

Faik Kessaf

Faik Kessaf is our skilled sales manager and also responsible for affiliate partnerships. Throughout the years, he has built an extensive network of business professionals in all facets of different industry’s. Faik is always on the lookout for media buyers, publishers, and affiliates for our clients and products.

Data Science / Chief Information Officer

Rodney Melchers

Rodney Melchers is a business development professional focused on data science. He is responsible for our scientific and technological facet within Advertik Media. Rodney is an expert in Python, Computer Science,  PHP, and HTML Scripting. 

Fengwei David An | Advertik Media
Business Consultant / China Market

Fengwei David An

Fengwei David An is our consultant for the Chinese market and manages international relations with clients that are situated in Asia or want to position themselves there. David analyses the Chinese market on its political and socio-economic contexts, potential trends, and predictions related to its financial markets and monetary policies.

This Is Your Expression

Creative Mind

Advertik Media is on a journey to help brands succeed with their dreams and purpose. 

Our goal is to offer creative and marketing value where needed. 

Technology, storytelling and a forward-thinking mindset are our core drivers. 

At Advertik, we rapidly adapt, change and learn. We are always on the lookout for creative minds!

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