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Generally, a potential customer’s buying decision can be influenced by what social media influencers say about it. In the growing popularity of the internet and social media platforms, a separate “influencers” market has emerged. Be it a shoe brand or blockchain service, roping in an influencer to promote your brand is one of the most vital marketing strategies to-date. In this article, we’ll analyze what crypto influencers can provide to your blockchain startup.

Traditionally, celebrities were the first generation of influencers. Over the years, as powerful social media engines came into existence, users found a gateway to connect with people from all over the world. This led to the formation of local influencers who created a separate fan-base and following based on their skills to engage with the audiences. They form genuine, relatable digital content on a specific niche and personally connect with their followers over social media platforms. The trust, therefore, multiplies manifolds.

Blockchain or cryptocurrency is a rapidly evolving industry with many factors making it an extremely complicated space for non-technical people. A crypto influencer exists to decode the technicality and help investors make their purchase decisions. Typically, they do this via video content, while the crypto investors follow them to remain up-to-date on the market trends and project development. All in all, the crypto influencers act as powerful thought leaders who have access to a broader audience, and their content creation has concrete consequences.

Importance Of Crypto Influencers Today

The impact of the right kind of influencers is enormous for your marketing campaign. By the word “right”, we mean the non-celebrity influencers because blockchain is extremely specific in its field. Anyone out of it fishing out recommendations is conceived as purely paid and faux. To add an emphasis on that point, you would be surprised to know that merely 3% of customers take product endorsements by celebrities into account.

As opposed to that, consumers in the blockchain industry show a more than 60% engagement rate while following the micro-influencers’ content. Despite the blockchain industry’s exploding market, there is still only a specific audience interested in it. That is why the crypto community tends to hang on micro crypto influencers’ content as they know they are in touch with every new development. If you partner up with a micro crypto influencer to promote your service, you can multiply your investors organically and find a useful source to drive more traffic.

Micro-influencers’ importance has increased twofold in today’s highly competitive and challenging era for the blockchain industry. Since Reddit banned cryptocurrency ads in 2016, Google and Twitter followed suit, massively diminishing blockchain’s advertising marketplace. In that scenario, an equally effective alternative is, and always will be, essential for promoting blockchain. Therefore, micro crypto influencers have established a strong online presence as of now, and it is unlikely that their impact will flake off anytime soon.

Blockchain marketing campaigns and micro crypto influencers are soulfully intertwined because each deals with a narrow audience and are strictly niche-specific. The success of one lies with the other, so you cannot do without each.

What Are The Channels Used By Crypto Influencers?

The crypto influencers use videos and strong, powerful messages, and idea-sharing strategies to connect with their audiences.


YouTube is the most powerful video-making platform which can garner millions of viewers, catering to a worldwide, comprehensive audience. The video content strategy is twice as effective and appealing compared to any written content. It is detailed, highly informative, easy to understand, and visually appealing, which acts as the go-to medium for all crypto newbies and pros alike.

There are various popular accounts of crypto influencers such as CryptoBud, CryptoZombie, and BitBoy, to name a few. Partnering with these influencers to promote and create awareness about your brand can get you a great deal of success in your Blockchain marketing campaign.


Despite a ban on Twitter ads, micro-influencers use the micro-messaging platform where sparking a conversation and sharing ideas is easiest and widespread. Twitter belongs to millions of members from all walks of life, including high-profile business leaders, crypto investors, crypto fans, and laymen. Therefore, Twitter is another convenient way to communicate with the target audience. You can learn more about crypto twitter influencers on the social media giant to see whom you can pitch your blockchain company to, like the NEW: Top 100 Blockchain Influencers.

What to expect from a Blockchain marketing campaign?

Previously, we have mentioned statistics advocating the impact of blockchain marketing campaigns powered up by crypto influencers. However, the results are not guaranteed — because nothing is.

Crypto influencers should be used to target the established crypto community in creating your brand’s awareness. It can or cannot give a new following for your brand, but it heavily engages, informs, and attracts loyal crypto consumers and investors. Crypto influencers exist to bring organic brand growth and help you build a reputation instead of targeting to get millions of random engagements. When designing a blockchain marketing campaign, make sure you have relevant expectations from it.

If you’re contacting a crypto marketing agency, one way to ease up your expectations is to ask for their previous campaign results. By viewing their past dataset, you can draw a picture of the results for your own. Another slightly expensive approach would be experimenting with several influencers by spending small amounts on each service. Whichever performs best, you can lock it for your next marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

The time of digital currencies and influencers ruling social media is here. If you own a blockchain business that makes use of either, you’re in for a treat. Ensure you build a lasting relationship with your crypto influencer so that your brand can see through the minds of their followers as they support it over and over again.

Nevertheless, try not to press on your ideas and opinion in their campaigning scheme. An influencer connecting with his followers in his own way is best. You must be eloquent with guidelines, media plans, and specific needs that should be clearly conveyed. For the marketing strategy, let the micro crypto influencer lead his way.

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